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Your Best Option for Hail Damage Repair and Home Insurance Claims in Boulder, CO

A hail storm can damage your roof and you might not even realize it – until it’s too late. 5280 Creative Construction Solutions offers the expertise you need to identify, remedy and prevent future roof hail damage.

We offer comprehensive service, from start to finish:

  • Extensive evaluation of your roof and sidings. Our expert roofers assess all damaged areas and potential problem areas.
  • Filing your insurance claim. We help you through the entire process, including inspection, communication with insurance adjusters, understanding your coverage limits and filing successful hail damage claims.
  • Comprehensive restoration. Whether your roof or sidings require repair or complete replacement, we’ll use durable materials that prevent future damage.

Call Daniel Koski and the 5280 Creative Construction Solutions team at 303-816-9285 and we will be happy to guide you through our detailed process. You can also fill out our form by clicking the button below.


Signs You Need Hail Damage Repair

It’s always recommended that you have professionals inspect your roof and sidings whenever you experience hail storm – whether you spot hail  damage or not. It’s quite easy to tell that you need repair when you see visible damage, but you can overlook other less obvious signs of damage.

The easily identifiable signs of hail damage to your roof and sidings include:

  • dents in shingles
  • cracked or broken shingles
  • soft spots or bruises in asphalt shingles
  • dented vents or gutters
  • missing hard granules in asphalt shingles
  • chips in sidings
  • holes in the roof
  • broken or missing sidings
  • exposed black asphalt
  • dents in sidings

Some of these signs might seem less serious than others, but that doesn’t mean they are any less harmful. Over long periods of exposure to the elements, the mild damage can progressively increase, leading to even worse damage to your roof.

Other signs of hail damage might not be easily identifiable, because:

  • The signs are too small to see
  • Only expert professionals can identify the problem
  • The damage may be hidden
  • There could be other underlying problems with your roof

Without expert inspection, you may never know the extent of damage to your roof.



Which Type of Hail Can Damage Your House?

When you know the actual causes of hail damage, you would not easily dismiss a potentially harmful hail storm just because you assume it can’t damage your house. You would also have the necessary knowledge to apply better preventive measures.

The potential damage to your roof and sidings would vary depending on the particular characteristics of hail:

  • Size – Obviously, larger sizes would have a greater impact than smaller sizes. However, that could also vary, depending on other factors.
  • Density – Denser hail has a greater impact, even if it may be smaller. Being dense means they carry more mass and are heavier.
  • Shape – Certain compact shapes give hail a greater impact, which makes it more likely to cause damage.
  • Speed of impact – Even if you have small size hail, a greater speed of impact would likely produce more damage.
  • Angle of impact – Direct impacts can have far more damage than impact on an angle, even if the hail is less dense or smaller.

Considering how all these factors work together to influence the potential damage on your roof, it’s always safer to have your roof inspected after a hail storm.

The structural integrity of your house can also make it more or less susceptible to hail damage:

  • Quality of materials and workmanship used in building your roof would determine how resilient it is.
  • The type of material used can make it stronger or weaker.
  • Age of the roofing materials. If your roof is due for replacement, you should have it done urgently.

These are issues you can change. For this reason, you should only seek professional hail damage repair so the restoration of your roof is done using durable materials and expert workmanship.

Here at  5280 Creative Construction Solutions we have 20+ years of experience in hail damage restoration. We have a team of local residents and Colorado natives who know how to install the best roofing material to perfection.

Danger in Not Getting Hail Damage Repair

Getting a shoddy repair job could be just as bad as not having your roof repaired.

What would happen if you don’t get hail damage repair for a minor issue?

  • Minor problems become big – A small dent could lead to a water leak, which could further damage internal structures of your roof.
  • Natural elements – After an occasional hail storm, a small issue can be further exacerbated by other natural elements, which your roof is exposed to daily.
  • Compromising stability of house – When the damage gets to your internal roof structure, certain key structures may become less stable and even collapse.
  • Requiring greater repair later – When advanced, a small issue like a dent can end up forcing you to replace large sections of your roof.
  • Entry for animals – Animals and insects might get into your house through the weakened areas. Such animals can also cause more damage.
  • Inability to deal with future problems – You might end up with a bigger problem in future, at a time you’re not prepared to deal with it.

To avoid such problems, after a hail storm call 5280 Creative Construction Solutions for inspection. Your insurance company will cover hail damage restoration and we will assist you to get maximum coverage.



Hail Damage Repair and Home Insurance Claims in Boulder, CO

5280 Creative Construction Solutions handles everything, including repair and insurance claims. Nothing is left out.

Why we are your best choice for hail damage insurance claims:

  • Specialized in hail damage repair – Being experts in the industry, we understand all the requirements and technical aspects regarding hail damage coverage.
  • Successful insurance claims – From the very start, we’ll ensure the success of your claim by thoroughly inspecting your roof beforehand. This way, you’ll also know exactly what compensation you require. Without accurate inspection, you might end up seeking lower compensation than you need.
  • Experienced in negotiating – Our team is lead and taught insurance negotiations by Daniel Koski. He has 20+ years of experience and he is considered an authority in the hail damage field. You can confidently depend on us to get you the best deal possible.
  • Honest and no frivolous claims – Frivolous claims can lead to decreased or lost coverage; hence, we’re always transparent and honest in every aspect of filing your claim.

We’ll always work closely with you until you’re successfully compensated.

We are also just as committed to repairing your roof and sidings:

  • Our roofers are made up of local residents or Colorado natives – we understand the weather conditions and have developed customized and effective solutions.
  • Expert and experienced in identifying damages – Once we restore your roof or sidings, you can be assured that you won’t experience any problems in future.
  • Comprehensive checks – All areas of your house will be assessed so no hidden problems would be left behind. Such areas include valleys, the flashing, dormers and stack vents.
  • Expert advice – To help you properly maintain your roof, we offer expert guidance on the best materials to use and how to prevent damage.
  • Our services are guaranteed

In other words, all your repair needs are catered for.

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