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Professional Roof And Sidings Hail Damage Repair and Insurance Claims, Fort Collins, CO

Only a professional can deliver guaranteed roof hail damage repair, and comprehensive assistance in filing insurance claims.

We, at 5280 Creative Construction Solutions, will deliver this and much more:

  • We boast one of the best roof inspector who will accurately assess the hail damage
  • Using quality and durable materials, we’ll fully restore your damaged property
  • Our experienced professionals will help you successfully file hail damage insurance claims for maximum compensation



Your Best Choice For Hail Damage Roof And Sidings Repair and Home Insurance Claims

A combination of expertise, local knowledge, and a long and successful track record makes 5280 Creative Construction Solutions stand out as a leader in the industry.

Here are just some of the reasons why you can depend on us:

  • We possess 20+ years experience – This means, over the years, multiple homeowners have trusted us enough to repair their homes.
  • We have a professional team made up of local residents or Colorado natives – Being locals, we fully appreciate the unique challenges facing homeowners in this region.
  • Custom designed services to suit Fort Collins – Apart from using the highest industry standards, our processes are specially suited to the needs of Fort Collins’ residents.

Our team of insurance negotiators will walk you through the entire process. Simply call  Daniel Koski and the 5280 Creative Construction Solutions team at 303-816-9285. Alternatively, click the button below to fill out our form.



How We’ll Help You With Hail Damage Insurance Claims

The process of seeking hail damage insurance compensation can be hectic, complex and frustrating. This is why you need professionals with thorough understanding of the process from start to finish .

We will help make this process completely stress-free:

  1. Thorough inspection – Our insurance negotiators first thoroughly inspects the condition of your roof and siding. This ensures nothing is left out and the most accurate assessment is made, so you can file for maximum compensation.
  2. Submitting worthwhile claims – We’ll only advise you to submit a worthwhile claim, which preserves the good relationship you have with your insurance company. This also further ensures that your claim will be successful.
  3. Understanding your policy – We’ll help you interpret and understand your homeowners insurance policy, giving you valuable information on the extent of your coverage and all other necessary details you should know about.
  4. Step-by-step guidance – We’ll guide you through the entire process from start to finish, helping you avoid potential pitfalls that can lead to denied claims.
  5. Notifying the Adjuster – The insurance negotiator will notify the adjuster of any and all damage. Throughout, we’ll maintain an open and clear communication system, to facilitate a smooth and successful process.
  6. Handling unexpected problems – Our capable team will always be at hand in case you encounter problems like initial claims rejections. Through expert guidance, we’ll ensure your claim is reconsidered by your insurer.
  7. Successful compensation – We’ll help you get maximum compensation, while making the entire process smooth and stress-free process.

Call us at 303-816-9285 and we will be happy to guide you through our detailed process. You can also fill out our form by clicking the button below.



Our Expert Service Makes The Difference

Having invested so much in your house, you would rather seek the guaranteed and professional service of an expert for your hail damage repair – not just any company or doing it yourself.

This is what you get when you call our professional roof inspector:

  • 5280 Creative Construction Solutions doesn’t just examine the common visible signs of damage, but we also know how to identify the hard-to-see and hidden signs. We have specialized tools to help in this process. Unqualified subcontractors look only at common visible signs like broken shingles, dinged vents, damaged rain gutters, holes in the roof, and missing or dented siding. These signs aren’t sufficient enough to identify all types of roof and sidings damage.
  • Based on our expertise, we understand that the extent of damage doesn’t only depend on the size of hail, but also the shape, speed, consistency and angle of impact. We do not assume size of hail determines the extent of damage.
  • Evaluation. Because of our diverse experience, we know exactly what to look for when examining the damage on your roof. Our professionals know the most likely problem areas and can quickly and efficiently identify the affected areas.
  • Durability. Our professional team always does a thorough repair job, because we understand the long term impact of small problems.For instance, water leaks may eventually occur if minor damage to asphalt shingles or siding is left unchecked.
  • You can always expect durable solutions, using quality materials and industry standard processes that meet all building code requirements. Once repair is done, you’re not likely to need any further repairs in a long time.
  • Costs. Through efficient processes and using the best tools, your restoration would be done efficiently and quickly. This means less cost and less time interruptions.You would also not need a second restoration since the damage would be rectified conclusively.
  • Service Life. Professional restoration can further extend the service life of your roof. The quality materials we use increase durability and further strengthen existing structures, making it even more long lasting. 



How We’ll Help You with Storm Damage Restoration

Storm damage must be repaired urgently and comprehensively, since any delay or poor workmanship could only lead to further disaster. That’s the last thing you would want to happen to such a huge investment as your house.

Here’s how we’ll deliver top-notch storm damage restoration:

  1. Detailed inspection: We’ll conduct a thorough inspection and identify potential weak points. Our team is well-trained and capable of identifying issues that affect structural integrity of your house.
  2. Comprehensive evaluation: All functional architectural elements supporting your roof will be checked, including shingles, siding, valleys, stack vents, flashing and dormers.
  3. Extensive evaluation: We evaluate beyond just the problem areas to ensure there are no issues that might cause problems later. There may be other weak or damaged structures that are due for repair or replacement.
  4. Repair: After identifying the problem issues, we’ll professionally repair all components. Only quality materials would be used.
  5. Replacement: If replacement is required, we’ll install the best quality roofing and sidings material that can withstand serious weather events.
  6. Fast and efficient service: Our work will be done professionally, but also fast and efficiently to ensure minimal interruption of your time.

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