About Us

About 5280 Creative Construction Solutions

Our owner, Daniel Koski, is a Colorado Native with over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry.

Daniel has worked as a licensed roofer and contractor, as the top salesperson for a local Denver roofing company, and then as the sales manager for the same company.

Our owner, Daniel Koski, is a Colorado Native with over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry.

Because hail season affects many homeowners in the Denver Front Range areas, Daniel has learned to become a professional expert insurance negotiator. He specializes in negotiating with insurance companies and he’s worked extensively with negotiating hail damage repair claims.

Daniel teaches us to take an honesty in claims approach to inspections, insurance negotiation, and roofing & siding repair. He knows an inspection needs to take place before you file a claim, and he will always give you an honest assessment.

If your roof is not damaged, our team will advise you not to file a claim.

If your roof is storm damaged, we will help you with both the claim process and the repair process.

We’ll help preserve the integrity of your home, and preserve your relationship with your insurance company.


About Hail in Colorado

hail damage repair

Colorado had the second highest number of hail damage repair claims in the United States, according to a May 2016 National Insurance Crime Bureau report. Only Texas had more storm damage claims.

We’re located in hail alley, so we’re more prone to storm damage than many other states. Denver area homeowners know hail and hail damage are inevitable. We can count on at least three catastrophic hail storms every year, many of which do upwards of $25 million in damage.

Because hail affects almost every Colorado homeowner, we know the importance of roofing inspections, home insurance claims, and professional hail damage repair.

If you think your roof may be damaged, call the 5280 Creative Construction Solutions team at 303-816-9285.