How to Minimize Roof Hail Damage

Due to climate change, storms are getting stronger each year causing millions of dollars worth of damage especially to roofing systems. Apart from tornadoes and hurricanes, hail storm is one of the most damaging weather conditions. It affects almost every part of the continental US. If you live in a place where hail storm is frequent, there are things you can do in order to minimize roof hail damage.

Use durable and quality roofing materials

Some types of roofing materials are sturdier and can withstand hail impact as compared to others. For instance, roofs with smooth coverings such as single ply membranes are not advisable because they can easily get damaged by hail. Furthermore, roofing materials that blister as they age are also susceptible to roof problems like water leaks as strong impact of hailstone may lead to tears in the underlying material of your roofing system.

Make sure to use durable and quality materials only. Using such type of roof will surely increase your shingles resistance to a hail of significant size. If you have no idea of which material to choose, consult a reputable roofing company like 5280 Creative Construction Solutions. Inculcate in mind that warmer shingles are more resistant to damage as compared to cooler materials.

Less support means more damage

This is a basic mathematics. The less support translates to a more severe roof hail damage. In fact, there was a research study made by two individuals named Crenshaw and Kootz measuring the severity of roof hail damage on certain roofing materials. In an in depth analysis about metal roofing, they have proven that the damage acquired from hailstone impact increased as the average thickness of the utilized metal decreased.

Shield your rooftop structures

The harshness of nature is something you want to be prepared of. Weather is becoming very unpredictable and Mother Nature is not exempting roof hail damage. However, to at least minimize the damages of a hail storm if not to prevent, there are few things that you can do. Reinforcing any loose roofing materials is one. But, if you have enough time to prepare, install shielding to your rooftop structures like your air conditioning units to defend them against environmental attacks.

Impact Resistance

All roofing materials have their corresponding grades with regards to their impact resistance. There are four different classes and each class is graded on how well they can hold up against the impact of hailstones. For areas prone to hailstorms, class 3 to 4 impact resistance is advisable.

Indeed, no one can control our Mother Nature. However, it is always possible to minimize roof hail damage by taking into consideration all the above-mentioned information. For further advice or a quote, you can always contact us at 303-816-9285.