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The Best Solution For Siding and Roof Hail Damage Repair In Colorado

Siding Hail Damage Repair Is Our Expertise

Our team is composed of local residents and Colorado natives highly qualified for siding repair. We know how to work with any siding material.

Our 20+ years of experience make us the experts in Colorado on recognizing when siding needs hail damage repair. Even minor issues like chips in the paint won’t be overlooked. In time, even areas of chipped paint can expose the material to moisture, potentially resulting in a leak or premature aging of the siding. For this reason, we carefully inspect your siding to make sure no damage is left behind.

We can repair any siding, and at the end of the project, the look of your house will be restored.

A common problem with siding hail damage repair (especially when dealing with old siding) is finding materials that match the color of the existing siding. In order to keep your house from looking patchy, you may need to replace your siding completely.

If this is the case, we can take care of that too. Moreover, our professional hail damage inspector will help you find a way for your homeowners insurance company to help cover the cost.

Keep in mind that hail falls from the sky. If the siding is damaged, then there’s a good chance your roof is critically compromised. We will also inspect your roof, and depending on the damage, we can repair or replace it.


Professional Siding Hail Damage Inspection

At 5280 Creative Construction Solutions, we know that hail damage may not be easy to spot.

Cracks and holes in the siding are obvious signs that a repair is needed; however, hail damage to a home’s siding is often difficult to spot. Siding that may look fine at first glance could hide serious problems that you cannot afford to neglect. If you do not take care of hidden hail damage to your siding, the repair costs will just keep adding up.

For instance, a hail storm can create dents in your home’s siding. Though you may just brush them off as a minor cosmetic problem, in reality, dents in the siding can compromise its stability and waterproofing. Dented siding can be stripped off during the next wind storm or in time may lead to a water leak. The same goes for cracks that may not be plainly visible. Even a tiny leak can eventually rot the underlying structure, create mold and cause significant interior damage, adding to those repair costs.

That’s why after any major hail storm, your home needs an inspection by a professional who knows how to detect minor damage you might not see.

Your home’s siding is just as important as your roof. The siding is the shield that protects the structure of your house. If in good condition, it will make your house more energy efficient, saving you money on your bills. Well-maintained siding adds to the appeal and value of your home.

Colorado Siding Repair And Hail Damage Insurance Claims – We Do It For You

When a hail storm hits your house, you need to file a claim with your insurance company for hail damage repair. This process can quickly become a source of new anxieties. To save you the stress, we will take care of handling your insurance claim.Hail damage insurance claim

Our insurance negotiator team led by Daniel Koski, has 20+ years of experience in the roofing and siding industry, and Daniel is considered a hail damage repair authority.

We will inspect your property and advise you on how to proceed. Most important, he will never advise you to file a claim before we have investigated the condition of the siding. We will assist you in filing your claim only if you are entitled to. We do not want you to be dropped by your insurance company because of a frivolous claim. We value honesty, and we value your safety.

The assistance of an experienced insurance coordinator will benefit you in many ways:

  • He will call any damage to the adjuster’s attention, making sure he correctly assesses the overall degree of harm
  • He knows how to read your insurance policy and find out to what extent you are covered
  • He will assist you in following the correct procedure to file your claim and make sure it goes straight to the adjuster’s desk
  • He knows how to deal with the insurance company in case of a color-matching problem or other issues that arise during the repair and restoration process
  • If your claim is denied, he will assist you in requesting re-inspection
  • He will not only advise you, but also play an active role in every part of the process

5280 Creative Construction Solutions has 20+ years of experience in dealing with insurance companies. We know our trade and have the skills to increase your chances of getting adequate coverage for your siding hail damage repair costs.

Colorado Hail Damage Siding Repair & Insurance Claims

If you live in Colorado, your house is prone to hail damage. It’s not a matter of if it will happen but when it will happen. A hail storm can easily damage your home’s siding, compromising its stability, energy efficiency and overall curb appeal.

5280 Creative Construction Solutions specializes in siding and roof repair and replacement. We offer the best siding repair solutions to restore your house to its original state.

We are a certified company made up of local residents and Colorado natives—all experts in the industry.

We can repair or replace hail-damaged siding in Colorados main cities and surrounding areas:

  • Denver
  • Parker
  • Boulder
  • Front Range

Call us today to get your free estimate for assessing the nature of your siding hail damage. We will take quick action to protect your home.