Why Keep Regular Home Inspections

Regular Roof Inspections In Colorado To Keep Your Home Safe

A damaged roof is not always easy to detect. Everything may look fine from a distance, so it is critical to inspect your roof periodically.

While damage like missing or broken shingles may be easy to detect, other problems are trickier to discover, even for expert eyes.

A minor leak may go unnoticed for months. Meanwhile, the water will slowly rot the wood underneath, compromising the structure of your roof. A loose shingle may be the next target of a windstorm, resulting in a stripped roof.

Ice can cause severe damage also! The layers of ice that accumulate during snowmelt may leave your roof critically damaged and exposed to the elements for months to come.

These are just some of the major complications you could experience if your roof is not always in perfect condition. Minor damage may quickly result in an expensive problem to fix.

How often should you inspect your roof in Colorado?

It is a good practice to inspect your roof after major storm events like heavy hail, strong wind, snowfall and so on. But you should also schedule periodic inspections of your roof. A regular roof inspection could save you a lot of money.

Our Colorado roofers are highly experienced in detecting possible problems. We know how to spot what might be invisible to the naked eye.

Every inch of your roof will be carefully inspected to find any leaks and prevent major problems from arising. Our team understands the weak spots of every roof and will check them to find any critical issues. Besides checking the shingles, we will inspect all the flashing, valleys, stack vents, dormers and any other architectural elements that support the functionality of your roof. We will determine if these structures are up to the task or if they need repair or replacement.

If we find a problem, we will advise you on the best approach to the project and propose the best solution for your particular case. To ensure the best results, 5280 Creative Construction Solutions installs only the best Colorado roofing materials.

If the damage is too severe and a repair is not enough to reliably protect your house, 5280 Creative Construction Solutions specializes in roof replacement. If your siding has been damaged as well, we can take care of that too.