Understanding Roof Weather Damage and When to Get a Roof Replacement

Like any material possession we have, any part of our house especially the roof will eventually undergo deterioration. In fact, because of its constant exposure to different elements, it is certainly the most vulnerable part of our earthly abode. Roof’s exposure to stress and strain is mostly extreme. Albeit this is case, it is often overlooked when it comes to the maintenance of the house. Majority are into improving their homes aesthetically, but neglecting a roof weather damage brought by the harshness of nature. A plethora of people had their walls repainted just to achieve the theme they want, but how many of you prioritized roof inspection for a possible upgrade? Remember that even the sturdiest roof out there still deteriorates at a more rapid rate than your walls.

The roof is definitely one of the most indispensable parts of every house. Along with the walls, it is the first line of defense against all weather conditions. Your roof protects the inside of your home including you, from the harsh weather conditions such as UV rays, rain, snow, hail and etc. Noting that, it only means that it is the most exposed part of the house and consequently the most susceptible to weather damage. To maintain optimum protection, and excellent condition of your roof, proper assessment must be done on a regular basis for a possible repair and replacement.

Weather Conditions and Roof Damage

When roof damage due to weather conditions is raised, most if not all would think about hail storm, strong winds, or heavy snow which can actually cause breakage within minutes. However, we must be aware that our roof receives negligible or unseen damage every day because of the heat of the sun. Having said that, you need to have a scheduled inspection of the roof at least once a year in order to prevent further damage and ensure maximum functionality of what’s protecting your family.

When your roof has been severely damaged by unforeseeable circumstances like hail storm, wind storm, or snow storm, the need for inspection and repair is of utmost importance.  For instance, for those with a shingle roofing, a portion that has been affected or removed will allow leakage, thus, damaging the interior which could eventually lead to rotting of wood if not addressed the soonest time possible. Moreover, if not repaired, it could result to much worse issues such as respiratory problems because of mold growths. The supposedly most propitious place for your family to live in could potentially pose health risks because of carelessness and that is something that you want to avoid more than anything else. For that reason, if roof weather damage is suspected, it is wise to get your roof assessed to make sure early detection of damage and its severity if there’s any.

When to Get a Roof Replacement

Any homeowner must realize that there will be an irreversible deterioration of any roof, hence, a need for a replacement. Even if it did not experience a severe roof weather damage, a daily exposure to sunlight will eventually wear out a roof.

What determines the longevity is the type of material used to cover your home. In detail, asphalt shingles are expected to last up to 25 years, whereas, a quality metal roof would last for 50 years or longer. Therefore, every home will necessitate a roof replacement by the time it reaches its maximum lifespan. When that time comes, a need to hire an expert contractor is just as vital. The roof needs careful and accurate installation which could only be done by someone who has an expertise in doing so and not just merely someone who can perfunctorily do the job not minding accuracy.

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